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Welcome to Kruti Dance Academy
America's Premier Indian Dance Institution

Kruti Dance Academy has received international acclaim for its innovative Bharatanatyam and Bollywood choreography. Established in 1995, Kruti was created with a unique vision to create Indian cultural awareness among Indian American youth. Today, Kruti Dance Academy exists as the nation’s premier Indian dance institution under the leadership of Founder and Director Mrs. Dina Sheth and Artistic Director Shemoni Parekh.

Kruti Dance Academy is located in Atlanta, GA and conducts classes in a brand new 9,000 square foot state-of-the-art dance facility.

Meet our Dynamic Duo

Mrs. Dina Sheth
Founder and Director

Mrs. Dina Sheth is the Founder and Director of Kruti Dance Academy. She has been teaching Indian classical, folk and contemporary dance for over 35 years and has conducted over 100 Arangetrams. Mrs. Sheth has received wide acclaim for her deep commitment to the advancement of fine arts and her artistic excellence.

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Shemoni Parekh
Artistic Director

Shemoni Parekh is the Artistic Director of Kruti Dance Academy. Shemoni's choreography has received national attention and has been featured on So You Think You Can Dance Canada, America's Got Talent, Chak Dhoom Dhoom, and the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade. Shemoni has been teaching Bharatnayam, Bollywood, Fusion and Folk dance for over 10 years since completing her Bharatanatyam Arangetram ceremony in 2001.

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Learn India’s oldest classical dance form known for its impeccable technique, intricate hand gestures, and storytelling expressions

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Musically rooted in India’s film industry, this Indian dance style is the most infectious of them all. This dance class is a favorite among boys and girls

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Sweat-off those extra calories while learning dance routines from your favorite Bollywood songs

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Join your little one (ages 3 and younger) as you introduce them to the wonderful world of music and dance

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Unable to physically attend our studio? Receive online training customized to your needs

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Learn a dance number for a special occasion, customized to suit your needs

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Book us for workshops catered specifically to your needs. Past workshops include dance competition seminars, summer camps, corporate events/parties

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A performance by Kruti Dance Academy fits any event! Invite talented performers from the academy to entertain your audiences at weddings, festivals, conventions and more!

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Join our live sessions from anywhere in the world and experience the sensation of being right there in the studio! Our high-tech setup that brings the immersive Kruti Dance Academy experience to life, no matter where you are in the world.

This innovative approach offers the ultimate flexibility, allowing you to participate even if you can't be there in person. Don't miss out on the opportunity to connect, learn, and dance with us, regardless of your location.

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Kruti Dance Academy is incredibly talented with great choreography. They can really surprise people.
Piers Morgan
America's Got Talent Judge

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Top 25 out of 75,000+ acts and recognition as Piers Morgan's favorite act on Season 5 of NBC's America's Got Talent

Top 9 out of 5,000+ teams on primetime Indian dance reality TV show Aapka Colors Chak Dhoom Dhoom

With over 45,000 subscribers and over millions of views, Kruti Dance Academy performances have been viewed all over the world

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Praise for Kruti

As a parent there are messages you formulate, try to embody, and strive impart in your child. You can live and speak your message all you want but at some point you realize that influencers outside your immediate nuclear circle that also embody those values are imperative. For those of us who don’t have support networks of family living nearby, we must find other channels to bring in and reinforce those positive messages that we so sincerely want our kids to see, hear, and experience. For us, Kruti fills that space. Dina Aunty and Shemoni Didi are strong, dedicated, accomplished, and sincere women at whom I can confidently point when I want to show my daughter what can be accomplished when one is brave enough to dream, believe, work hard, and follow through. At Kruti, Noi is learning invaluable life skills and qualities such as confidence, discipline, self-control, a positive image of her body and her physical and mental capabilities, and the courage to stand up in front of a crowd and express herself. There isn’t another organization that is able to reinforce all of these things so well plus provide the sense of family the way Kruti does. Noi has been at Kruti since she was just 1½ years old and we are looking forward to her continuing to grow as both dancer and as a well-rounded, confident person under the guidance of Dina Aunty, Shemoni Didi, and Ashima Didi.
Sacha Sade

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